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The Milkshake is back on the Menu.

Billy Shakes serves deluxe milkshakes in a variety of flavors*. Here are a few of them to warm up (or cool down) your taste buds and give you an idea of why Billy Shakes is taking the milkshake game by storm.


*All flavors blended with vanilla ice cream.

*Any flavor can be made with appropriate discretion for patrons who are vegan, or who are lactose intolerant.


A MINTSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM : Mint chip madness. Crumbled Andes Mints with a splash of mint extract will make your taste buds dream of a midsummer night, with the distant chill of fall in the wind but the resting heat of summer rocking you to sleep, milkshake still in hand.

MOOR SPICE : A chocolate-y delight with a cayenne kick. Don't put this flavor on the back-burner, this shake will come back to bite you if you underestimate its subtlety and spice.

DESDEMONA'S DELIGHT : All the glory of the chocolate-covered strawberry put into a milkshake. There is nothing more pure.

THE POOR YORICK : Unceremoniously unearthed from the grave, Yorick brings with him crushed Oreos, chocolate pudding, and Gummi Worms to create the perfect "dirt pudding" milkshake recipe. As Hamlet said to this bonehead of a character, "To be, or to be drinking a milkshake?"

OREOTHELLO : Crumbled Oreos swirled into a consistency that will leave your taste buds aching for Moor.

CHERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR : Roasted cherries and a spoonful of natural cherry jam. This shake will help you feel better if you're ever in a jam; namely, if you're ever stuck in a laundry basket in your lover's home when her husband comes home.

PAINTED MAYPOLE : Maple and cinnamon combine to capture the taste of autumn. We won't take it as an insult if you don't get this shake, just don't go biting your thumb at us.

QUEEN MAB'S CHARIOT : A creamy hazelnut that will transport you to a dreamland of ghosts and angels, ghouls and fairies, and milkshakes at every turn.

BIRNAM WAKES : Chilled coffee and a splash of maple syrup will make you pull up your roots and get the day moving, as if some sort of prophecy was pushing you in the exact direction you needed to go.